About us

Who we are

Lumo Energia is a Finnish electricity company that was established in 2015. We are committed to providing our customers with clearly priced products and first-rate customer service. We sell electricity purchased via the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool to our customers. We are not energy producers. Our customers can choose their ideal electricity contract from three different electricity products. We are a member of Finnish Energy and are active in developing the industry’s best practices. Lumo Energia is owned by its management and personnel.

Values and mission


We are continuously developing our operating models with the intention of providing our customers with the most environmentally-friendly energy available, as well as user-friendly and straightforward services. We believe that the sale of electricity can be improved and simplified for all parties. 


We want to offer you the best possible price, based on up-to-date price estimates at the Nord Pool power exchange. The sources of our electricity and our operating methods are always open knowledge to our customers.

Customer service

We value our customers and want to stand out with our first-class and efficient customer service. You can reach our customer service team online, by phone and via our Facebook page.

Lumo Energy Plc

Teollisuuskatu 21

FI-00510 Helsinki

Follow your dreams, not prices

A two-year fixed-term electricity contract is an easy and safe choice.

  • Fixed kWh price 6.49 cnt
  • Monthly fee 0 € the first 2 months
  • Max. 6 000 kWh per year
Customer service

We value our customers and our first-class and efficient customer service makes us stand out. Contact us if you need assistance with the contract or in starting the service, or if you would simply like to switch to a new, more affordable electricity contract.

Our customer service is open on weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00.

You can also contact us outside openings hours via email at [email protected]

Our customer service hotline charges are: Local network rate

09 4272 0444 [email protected]