Lumo Energia

Price list and terms of service for companies


  • Initiated disconnection process, including possible reconnection: € 25
  • Documentation and research: € 60 / beginning 30 min.
  • Recovery of extra payment and adjustment of error execution: € 10
  • Standard compensation: € 15
  • If the annual consumption estimate of the site is less than 1 MWh, we will charge a maintenance fee of € 2.90 / month. If actual consumption differs from the estimate, the customer should contact our customer service.
  • If the start of the electricity delivery is prevented due to the company customer having a valid fixed-term electricity contract, Lumo Energia has a 12-month power of attorney with the contract the order.
  • If the entry into force of Lumo Energia's electricity contract is prevented due to the term of the customer's previous electricity sales contract, Lumo Energia has a 12-month authorization to put the order into effect.
  • Lumo Energia does not reimburse the costs incurred for telephone calls and other communications or for the time used to handle matters with us.