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EKOenergy is certified sustainable electricity

EKOenergy is electricity for everyone who wants to make an environmentally friendly choice and promote the production of sustainable energy and at the same time support e.g. The Climate Fund. EKOenergy, launched by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, is the only widely known international eco-label for electricity.


EKOenergy is electricity produced from renewable energy sources that meet sustainability criteria, which are established by the environmental organizations in the EKOenergy network. The criteria require that the energy production facilities be located geographically sustainably. EKOenergy is e.g. Lumo Energi's wind power. It may only be produced in production facilities outside protected nature areas and important bird areas.


For every EKOenergy megawatt hour sold, at least 10 cents are donated to EKOenergy's Climate Fund. These investments will finance renewable energy projects that would not have taken place without the donations.


A total of 90% of air pollutants are caused by the use of fossil fuels. Supporting EKOenergy is a clear message to decision-makers about the type of electricity to be produced and how important a clean environment is.


On average, sustainable energy is only 2% more expensive than the general electricity mix. On an average consumption in a three-room apartment (3000 kWh/year), having EKOenergy adds less than € 2 per month to your electricity bill.


Choose EKOenergy as the energy source (origin of electricity) in the order form or contact our customer service!


Add EKOenergy
for only 0.99 c/kWh*

*additional cost in apartments c. €1–2 /month