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6 month fixed-term

6 month fixed-term

10.49 c/kWh + €1.90/month

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Form of billing We recommend to choose environmental friendly email invoice. You can sign an e-invoice agreement in your online bank when paying your electricity bill.
Billing frequency We usually send invoices every month. For a small extra fee the invoicing period can be extended to 3 months.
Right to exchange The right of exchange entitles you to make a new fixed-term electricity contract during your current contract period. You benefit from this if prices on electricity contracts drop.
Origin of electricity

EKOenergy is an international ecolabel for energy. Wind energy sold with EKOenergy label must be produced in an installation that is located outside of protected nature areas and important bird areas. When you buy EKOenergy ecolabelled electricity a minimum of 10 eurocents per MWh goes to Climate Fund.

Are you looking for an efficient way to reduce carbon emission? By choosing Hanko as your source of electricity you support the use of solar energy and wind power. This way you can restrain construction of nuclear power and reduce the use of coal.

If you choose Hanasaari, energy is from non-renewable energy sources. By choosing Hanasaari you support the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

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We value our customers and our first-class and efficient customer service makes us stand out. Contact us if you need assistance with the contract or in starting the service, or if you would simply like to switch to a new, more affordable electricity contract.

Our customer service is open on weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00.

You can also contact us outside openings hours via email at [email protected]

Our customer service hotline charges are: Local network rate

09 4272 0444 [email protected]