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Sign an electricity contract immediately

Have you moved to a new apartment? Does the electricity not work? Have you forgotten to sign an electricity contract? To get the electricity started up quickly, sign an electricity contract immediately.

Lumo Energia's electricity contract can also be signed online, even when you need the electricity immediately. Then enter a request for a quick start in the message field in the order form. Our customer service takes your wish into account and the beginning of the contract is speeded up as much as possible.

To sign an electricity contract, we need to know:

  • The address (to which the electricity contract applies)
  • Personal information (for the holder of the electricity contract)


Electricity in a few hours!

With the help of the address, the electricity company can check whether the new home already has electricity connected.

Varying according to distribution network operator, the electricity at the new address can still be on, even though the previous resident has already moved out. If this is the case, the electricity company can easily handle the matter by attaching a new electricity contract to the connection. But if the electricity has already been turned off, a new connection from the distribution network operator is required.

Reconnection of electricity on weekdays is often possible during the same day. You should be prepared to pay an extra fee to get the connection fixed quickly. However, the potential fee for a re-connection is usually moderate and not all distribution network companies charge it. Depending on the case, a small fee can be charged to get the electricity contract activated quickly.

If all goes well, the electricity works within a few hours after contact. So, don’t end up waiting in the dark!


Choose the best electricity contract for you

The cheapest option for an apartment is often an ongoing electricity contract at market price (variable electricity price). In apartments, especially one- and two-room apartments, the electricity consumption is normally so low that even though the price per kilowatt hour can vary from month to month, it doesn’t have a major impact on the total electricity bill.

The larger the home and the more inhabitants, the higher the electricity consumption. For apartments with higher electricity consumption, we recommend fixed-term electricity contracts where the price per kilowatt hour remains the same throughout the contract period, a.k.a. fixed-rate contracts.

If you want environmentally friendly electricity, choose EKOenergy, as the origin of the electricity for a small extra fee. EKOenergy is recommended by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

When you are in a hurry to get a new electricity contract, you may not have time to compare different contracts. Our customer service always helps you choose the best electricity contract just for you!

Add EKOenergy
for only 0,79 cnt/kWh*

*additional cost in apartments c. 1–2 €/month

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Recommend us to your friend, you will both get 10 €

As our customer, you now have a unique opportunity to give your friends a valuable discount – and enjoy the same yourself! When you recommend us to a friend, you will both receive a 10 euro refund on your electricity bills.

83.2% of our customers would probably or very likely recommend us to an acquaintance.

Once you have signed an electricity contract with Lumo Energia, you can log in to Oma Lumo and find your code to give to your friends.

Lumo Energia

Lumo Energia is an electricity company founded in 2015 in Vallila, Helsinki. Almost 70,000 Finns have already chosen us as their electricity company. 97.3% of our customers found it easy to change their electricity contract and 76.1% got direct savings by switching to Lumo Energia. Make the best electricity contract for you and become one of our satisfied customers.

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