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What does a fixed-term electricity plan mean?

A fixed electricity plan means an electricity contract that usually has both a fixed-term and a fixed electricity price per kilowatt hour, which does not change during the contract period. When everything else is constantly changing around us, it's nice to have an electricity price that is the same every month.


Is it worth choosing an electricity contract with a fixed electricity price?

An advantage of a fixed electricity price is that you have control of how much you must pay for your energy consumption every month. A fixed-price means a fixed electricity price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the electricity you use – regardless of whether you consume a lot or a little or if the electricity prices on the electricity exchange go up or down. If you have large fluctuations in your consumption, your electricity bill will of course vary at the end of the month, but in general a fixed-price makes it easier for you to predict your costs.

With a long commitment, the price per kilowatt hour of electricity is usually at a reasonable level, and depending on forecasts, fixed-term plans may include good deals.


Our fixed-term electricity plans

We have different fixed-term electricity offers in our selection.

  • A longer 1–3-year contract is an easy and secure solution, and when the term is ending you’ll receive a renewal offer with a good price
  • A shorter term for e.g. six months is a great solution when you know you won’t be staying long or want to change your electricity seller
  • A Tasaraha package price is also available. You can choose the most suitable package for your own consumption from four different size packages. With a flat rate contract, your electricity bill is always the same.

Make a contract online or contact our customer service!

Add EKOenergy
for only 1,39 cnt/kWh*

*additional cost in apartments c. 2–3 €/month

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Once you have signed an electricity contract with Lumo Energia, you can log in to Oma Lumo and find your code to give to your friends.

Lumo Energia

Lumo Energia is an electricity company founded in 2015 in Vallila, Helsinki. Almost 70,000 Finns have already chosen us as their electricity company. 97.3% of our customers found it easy to change their electricity contract and 76.1% got direct savings by switching to Lumo Energia. Make the best electricity contract for you and become one of our satisfied customers.

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