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Electricity contracts for housing companies and property managers

Do you need an electricity contract for a housing company or a housing association? We at Lumo Energia offer electricity contracts at a favorable price for properties and housing companies of all sizes. You can make an electricity contract easily and quickly on our websites. Choose a fixed-term or continuous electricity contract as needed – and keep the costs in check!

Fixed-term or ongoing electricity contract?

In fixed-term contracts, the price of electricity has been set at the best possible level in accordance with forecasts of electricity price developments. A fixed-term electricity contract is a safe and easy choice when you want a fixed kilowatt-hour price for a longer period of time. A fixed kilowatt-hour price makes it easier to calculate and budget costs.

In our ongoing electricity contracts the price is formed according to the changing prices of the Nord Pool power exchange. The contracts always provide electricity at the current price. Our margin is affordable, and you won’t pay too much for your electricity. A variable electricity price is, in the long run, the cheapest alternative.

Fossil free energy is a responsible choice

Choosing an energy source is an easy but important task! After all, electricity is a central part of our daily lives, and it is the everyday choices that matter most. Companies and communities have an important role when it comes to making responsible choices – and choosing sustainable energy gives them the opportunity to communicate what is important to them. Fossil free energy sources and EKOenergy can be chosen as the energy source for all our electricity agreements.

Solar panels for housing companies

At Lumo Energia, we offer suitable solar panel packages for all housing companies, regardless of size and location. As an energy company, we can offer a solution that is just right for your housing company.

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Charging stations for housing companies

We offer charging stations for all housing companies' needs – from a single charging station to fixing electricity to all parking spaces. Our experts map your goals and needs and suggests a suitable solution.

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Choose Lumo Energia as your partner in electricity contracts and energy solutions

Lumo Energia is an electricity company founded in 2015 in Vallila, Helsinki. We always offer electricity contracts and solutions just for your needs and to decent prices. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. With us, you get individual and expert customer service.

We value our customers and our first-class and efficient customer service makes us stand out. Contact us if you need assistance with the contract or in starting the service, or if you would simply like to switch to a new, more affordable electricity contract.

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