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Solar panel systems for housing companies

  • Smart solutions for the housing company's self-sufficient electricity generation
  • Tailor-made units for apartment buildings and terraced houses
  • Complete turnkey service

Solar energy is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy, the possibilities of which are limitless. In housing companies, the electricity produced by the solar panels is used for the property's own and its residents' electricity consumption. This way, the housing company and its residents can reduce their costs and carbon footprint.

Lumo Energia offers housing companies solar panel systems as a turnkey service, starting with finding out how much solar power can be produced to monitoring the power plant's operations. We offer suitable solutions for all apartment buildings and terraced houses, regardless of size and location. As an energy company, we are able to offer a deal that is right for your housing company.

Turnkey solutions for housing companies

  1. Production and utilization simulation

    We start by providing you with accurate calculations of your housing company’s potential to use solar power. We use our simulation program to estimate a suitable sized system and its annual electricity production. We calculate, on the basis of the hourly energy usage data of the property, how much of the electricity produced is used for e.g. heating and ventilation systems, lifts and lighting. From the remaining energy, we calculate the amount of solar energy used in the apartments and the savings per apartment in the electricity bill.

  2. Mapping visit and making an installation plan

    We will visit the property to map and make sure the system we have planned to be installed, will be the right for the housing company. During the mapping visit e.g., the roof’s condition and load-bearing capacity will be checked as well as cabling routes and possible modifications required by the electrical center.

  3. Installation, commissioning and operational training

    We will install the solar power plant and take care of the commissioning paperwork for you. We inform the housing company's service staff how the photovoltaic system is maintained and address important issues regarding safety. The power plant can usually be taken into use immediately after installation.

  4. Energy co-operation and operational control

    We help to create an energy community, a co-op, to be able to easily distribute the solar energy to the residents. We also monitor the operation and power generation of the solar power plants we install, and our software automatically detects potential disturbances. Once commissioned, the existence of the power plant will not be reflected in your company's daily life in any way – except in the form of smaller electricity bills.

How can my housing company fix solar panels?

We are happy to look into the possibility for your housing company to produce and utilize solar energy. Take the matter to the housing company's board or ask us to contact your housing manager. We'll make a free examination into what solar panel package would be suitable for your housing company and check out the benefits for both the property and the residents. We can send the report to the housing company's board or come and present it on site. To calculate the exact offer, a survey visit to the property is also required, based on which we can plan the installation of the solar panels.

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