1 year fixed-term

Fixed price for a one-year term – an easy and safe choice for high consumption

If you prefer a contract that does not need constant updating, this contract type is a simple and worry-free option. The contract is valid for a fixed term of one year, and its price will remain unchanged during the contract period.

  • Price of energy: 9.49 c/kWh
  • Basic fee: €2.90/month
  • Contract type: Fixed-term, one year
  • Energy source: According to contract
  • Tariff: General electricity

Prices incl. VAT 24%
The price includes the sale of electricity: your local transmission network operator will charge a separate transmission fee according to its public price list.

Terms and conditions of sale

If you are signing a contract for an apartment with no existing electricity contract, select the “I am moving to this address” option on the order form. If you would like your contract to begin sooner than in 5 days, state your requested starting date under “Additional information” in the order form and we will review it when processing your order. We will check whether an earlier connection to the network is possible and contact you.

If you are switching electricity suppliers at your current address, the new contract may begin in 15 days’ time at the earliest. If your current fixed-term contract with another supplier is about to end, it will remain valid until your new contract begins.

9.49 c/kWh + €2.90/month