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Fixed-term plans

When you want an electricity contract, which is priced the same throughout the contract period, a fixed-term plan is the right option for you. A fixed-term electricity plan makes it easier to calculate and predict your electricity costs; something that is good when you have a large electricity consumption.

If you want a fixed-term electricity plan with a fixed electricity price where the rate itself does not change during the contract period, choose our two- or three-year fixed price agreement.

New! Our Hybrid plan runs for two years. The electricity price in this agreement is made up of three parts: a fixed kWh price, a variable kWh price and a fixed monthly fee.

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2 year fixed-term

  • Fixed price for 24 months
  • Basic fee €0 for 3 months*
15.49 c/kWh + €3.90/month
Basic fee €0 for 3 months
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3 year fixed-term

  • Fixed price for 36 months
  • You can terminate the contract after 24 months
14.99 c/kWh + €3.90/month
Basic fee €0 for 6 months
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2 year fixed-term Hybrid

  • The price consists of three parts
  • One price component varies monthly and can bring savings
11,99 c/kWh + 10 % of the monthly spot price + 4,90 €/month Sign a contract

Prices incl. VAT 24%. The price includes the sale of electricity: your local transmission network operator will charge a separate transmission fee according to its public price list. Tariff: General electricity. Terms and conditions of sale

What is a 2 year fixed-term Hybrid plan?

Lumo Energia's Hybrid plan is a new kind of electricity contract! This plan is for you who want the benefits of a fixed price, but at the same time are willing to take a small risk to get your electricity a little cheaper.

The price of our Hybrid plan consists of three parts:

  1. A fixed kWh price that is slightly lower than the kWh price of a standard fixed-term contract.
  2. A variable kWh price, which is 10% of the average price in the Finnish price area of ​​the Nord Pool power exchange. The price varies monthly according to the average price on the power exchange. The average price is always clear at the end of the month.
  3. A fixed monthly basic fee

The contract is for a fixed-term of two years and its fixed-price, basic fee or pricing basis will not change during the fixed-term.

Take a closer look at the Hybrid plan


How do our normal fixed-term electricity contracts differ from the Hybrid plan?

In a normal fixed-term electricity plan, the price/kWh is determined when you sign the electricity contract and this price does not change during the contract period – regardless of what happens in the electricity market. Our two- and three-year plans work in this way.

The Hybrid plan has an electricity price that is built of several parts, where one part is variable and is based on the spot price on the electricity market Nord Pool. This means that you pay a slightly different electricity price/kWh each month, depending on how the price on the electricity exchange fluctuates.


Did you know? A fixed-term electricity contract can not be terminated during the first 24 months, either by you as a customer or us as an electricity company. In Finland, the maximum length of fixed-term is 24 months (2 years). Why then do we offer electricity contracts with a fixed-term of three years? During the last year we still offer you the same electricity price as before, while you yourself have the right to terminate the electricity contract if you want.

Choose fossil-free electricity

For all our electricity plans, you can choose fossil-free energy certified with guarantees of origin or EKOenergy recommended by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Select your chosen energy source when filling out the order form.

Right to exchange for a fixed electricity contract

Wondering if it is worth committing to a fixed-term plan? What if the electricity price will fall and your own electricity contract continues at a higher price? Add a right to exchange to your fixed-term plan, and you can switch to another fixed-term plan during the contract period.

The right to exchange can be used once in 12 months. You can switch to an equally long or longer fixed-term plan. Contact our customer service when you want to use the right to exchange.

Add the right to exchange in the order form when you sign the electricity contract. The right to exchange cannot be added after the electricity contract has started.

Read more about the conditions for the right of exchange

Are you moving?

If you are signing a contract for an apartment with no existing electricity contract, select the “I am moving to this address” option on the order form.

If you would like your contract to begin sooner than in 5 days, state your requested starting date under “Additional information” in the order form and we will review it when processing your order.

Are you changing electricity company?

If you are switching electricity suppliers at your current address, select the following option in the order form: I change electricity companies at the current address. The new contract may begin in 15 days’ time at the earliest.

If your current fixed-term contract with another supplier is about to end, it will remain valid until your new contract begins.

Customer service

We value our customers and our aim is to provide excellent customer service. Contact us if you need help with signing or choosing a contract, or if you would simply like to switch to a new, more affordable electricity contract.

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