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Sell your solar power – Electricity contract for small-scale producers

Do you have a photovoltaic system? Sometimes solar panels generate more electricity than you actually use. However, instead of letting the energy go to waste, you can sell the surplus to us for a good price – thus letting you also earn on your solar panels.

Our microgeneration contract for small-scale solar energy producers covers both the electricity plan you use on a daily basis, as well as the solar surplus sales contract.

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Price for your electricity plan: hourly price in the Finnish price area on Nord Pool + margin 1.25 cents/kWh

Solar surplus sales price: hourly price in the Finnish price area Nord Pool. From the price we deduct our margin of 0.19 cents/kWh.

Basic fee: €0/month

Prices include 24% VAT. You can follow the share prices per hour on Nord Pool's website. Please note that 24% VAT will be added to the prices stated on Nord Pool's website. 0% VAT on sold surplus electricity. The agreement is valid until further notice.

Terms of sale

To be able to make a microgeneration contract

  • The solar PV system must be connected to the grid
  • The system must have a bidirectional meter

Note! The electricity transmission is invoiced by the local electricity network company on its own invoice, according to its public price list.


Sell ​​your solar power to Lumo Energia

A microgeneration contract is the best alternative for small-scale electricity production. The solar cells produce most electricity in the middle of the day, at the same time as the electricity price on the electricity exchange often is the highest. This gives you the best price for the surplus. At night when the solar cells produce the least, the electricity price is also lower, and it is cheaper to buy electricity.

When you want to make a contract to sell your solar energy surplus, please contact our customer service either by e-mail or telephone.

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Customer service

We value our customers and our aim is to provide excellent customer service. Contact us if you need help with signing or choosing a contract, or if you would simply like to switch to a new, more affordable electricity contract.

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