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An on-going electricity contract

When you want an electricity contract that doesn’t require you to commit for a long period, a continuous electricity contract is the right option.

Our ongoing electricity plan Tuntispot is based on the electricity price at the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool. The electricity price changes hourly according to the hourly spot price of electricity for the area of Finland. Our margin and purchasing costs are added to the price. This plan suits you who want electricity at the current price – and get the cheapest price right away when the electricity price drops. Tuntispot is in the long run the most favorable alternative. Time to take advantage of the fluctuations in the electricity market!

You don't want to commit to a fixed-term contract but still feel a bit iffy about a variable rate? Then we recommend our Perus contract. Perus means basic and that is what this electricity plan is: You have a fixed rate but an ongoing contract. No pondering on how much your electricity will cost for the next year... The first month you get a reduction on the price.


  • Hourly variable spot price
  • For you who want to follow the price development
  • Margin 1.25 c/kWh
Hourly spot price + 1.25 c/kWh + €0/month Sign a contract


  • You get a discount for the first month
  • Fixed-price
9,99 c/kWh + €0/month for the first month, then 17,99 c/kWh + €2.99/month Sign a contract

The Tuntispot contract suits you who don’t have a high electricity consumption. When usage is low, the monthly fluctuations in the kilowatt price will not affect your electricity bill too much. The plan also suits you who has a larger energy consumption if you are ready to follow the price trend on the power exchange market – and can adjust your energy usage to the hours when the hourly spot price is most favorable. This allows you to directly affect your own electricity bill.

See the price statistics of the power exchange market on the Nord Pool website.

Prices incl. VAT 24 %. Tariff: General electricity. Read our Terms and conditions of sale.

Choose fossil-free electricity

For all our electricity plans, you can choose fossil-free energy certified with guarantees of origin or EKOenergy recommended by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Select your chosen energy source when filling out the order form.

Are you moving?

If you are signing a contract for an apartment with no existing electricity contract, select the I am making a contract to a new address that has no previous contract option on the order form.

If you would like your contract to begin sooner than in 5 days, state your requested starting date under More information in the order form and we will review it when processing your order.

Are you changing electricity company?

If you are switching electricity suppliers at your current address, select the following option in the order form I am changing electricity company at my current location. The new contract may begin in 15 days’ time at the earliest.

If your current fixed-term contract with another supplier is about to end, it will remain valid until your new contract begins.

Customer service

We value our customers and our aim is to provide excellent customer service. Contact us if you need help with signing or choosing a contract, or if you would simply like to switch to a new, more affordable electricity contract.

Check our FAQ for quick answers

Our customer service is open on weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00.

You can also contact us outside openings hours via email at [email protected]

Our customer service hotline charges are: Local network rate

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